Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A feature, a bug, a new feature and a bug fix

After I wrote about reading a master.info file using the MySQL Proxy, I went ahead and added the missing piece. Creating a master.info file using the MySQL Proxy.

A bug?
As I went back to lib/mysql-proto.c looking for a function that I could duplicate and modify to add the to_masterinfo_string() function, I realized that I missed a few master_ssl_* fields. It turned out that I was not exporting all the fields from the master.info file.

This time, the bug fix was easy enough. After modifying the test case to account for the missing fields, I added a few lines of code and I was ready to add the new feature.

New feature
You can now use the function to_masterinfo_string(), which takes as a parameter a table. You can create one using from_masterinfo_string()

You could read this example to get an idea of how it could be used.

I'll continue my work on Mock Load(*) and wait for the merge proposal to be accepted.

(*)More about what it does once I finish some legal paperwork here at Sun.

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