Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lua script repository for MySQL Proxy

Doing QA on the MySQL Proxy and the Enterprise tools, I started writing a Lua script to use with the proxy. The goal was to tell our monitoring agent that the server it was monitoring was very busy. It basically intercepts queries like SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES or SHOW GLOBAL STATUS among others and returns a custom resultset. (More details on a future post)

It is still a work in progress, but I wanted to give the community access to it. After some emails on the MySQL Proxy Discuss mailing list, I created a project on Launchpad that will host this script (one main script and 4 modules so far) and the idea is to make this project a community owned project, so that we can have all kinds of Lua scripts there.

What about the MySQL Forge?
I know we have many Lua scripts on the forge site, but having the scripts on Launchpad would enable anyone to maintain those scripts.

In the last few month, there have been some changes on the MySQL Proxy code that broke some of those scripts, by moving them to this new repository, we could start fixing them.

Now, the legal department at Sun is doing some work so that this script can be available under the GPLv2 license. This process may take a few weeks :(

As soon as I get this approved, I'll blog about it!

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